Simple & Sweet Micro Wedding Winter Park: Michelle & Michael
Real Wedding// May 29th, 2020

Michelle & Michael’s Micro Wedding

What is a Micro Wedding, you ask? According to, “A micro wedding is an intimate affair, typically with no more than 50 guests. They still feature time-honored traditions that make a wedding but on a much smaller scale.” 

Although it might not have been the original plan, couples will find many benefits to having a micro wedding.

Earlier this week, I photographed an elopement one of my couples had to cancel(for now) their original full wedding due to the virus limitations. However, they refused to lose sight of why they were getting married. They wanted to commit their lives to each other. Weddings aren’t just about big guest lists and fancy venues. Michelle & Michael chose to have a wedding still and celebrate after their ceremony. They are happily married, and their party is just getting started.


Welcome to the brave new world of planning your wedding.  When the dust settles, and the powers that be allow gatherings to resume, you need to be ready. Starting small is the safest course of action, fifty people, or less.  I know that seems very small; it is, in fact, micro.  Micro-weddings are the new “black” to borrow an overused fashion cliché. Small does not mean less; it merely means fewer people physically at your wedding.  You can invite those most special, those closest to you, those that can come. Embrace this opportunity to make your wedding everything you genuinely want it to be.  Consider things you might not be able to do if you could invite 150 people or more. You have the opportunity to make your wedding as unique and creative as you like, no matter how much money you have or what the health and safety measures are. Find the silver lining COVID-19 has given you to make your wedding intimate and meaningful.  Take time to give every detail an individual touch for each guest.


I’ve been a wedding photographer for a long time; I have watched weddings evolve over the years.  Tastes change, trends change, people change.  Even with all that change, humans still marry.  I find that hopeful, remarkable, and inspiring. I love weddings big, small, yes, even micro.  What I love most about weddings isn’t how many people are there or how elaborate the flowers. It is the joy that comes from people in love sharing themselves and their passion with others—watching two families become one.  I get to witness strangers become friends because they love the couple getting married. There is a great deal of uncertainty in our world more than ever before; now is the time to be sure about the things you can.  You can be confident you love your fiancé; you know you love your family and friends.

I never really thought that this was the year I would be learning a lot about myself. Like how to survive a pandemic, homeschooling, no weddings, no socializing. First, how brilliant did humans become in quarantine?

It started on March 18 th, 2020- For us, we did surprisingly high. I learned a LOT. We had to learn to slow down, which was super easy for us (pretty much introverted, and that’s why Nicky and I get along so well ). I do most of our shopping online, so that was no change along with homeschooling Iza. Nicky and I haven’t had to adjust to the current lifestyle, as it was already our chosen lifestyle. I know it has been hard for other’s and is having a hard time settling into a life that way. I know it wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and I know there were money/jobs lost (myself included) and hardships everywhere. But I am proud of how we embraced it. Nicky and I had no fear of what was happening. We have been using a bidet for some time, so toilet paper was a whatever. Nicky and I have cut down our meat consumption to a pound a week. We mostly eat vegan dishes.  Although the COVID 19 did hit our local area super hard, I do personally know I contracted the virus while pregnant and had to self-quarantine cause the testing sites weren’t open even though they said they were. But I was lucky cause it did take a turn for the better.  I do believe for a particular person; it can indeed be deadly.

I’m guessing the world may never go back to “normal” in some cases I think that’s ok. I think we can learn to work less and relax more and eat healthier. I think working from home should be welcomed at companies who can. I believe companies managed to have employees work fewer hours, but the same amount of work got done. I think we are lucky to be able to have the internet and Netflix and Hulu + and Spotify. Not sure where we go from here, but I did step foot into Target, and it felt pretty good, and I spent some of that money we saved staying home. So I’d say we’re easing back into society.

In honor of our survival, on our last day of quarantine May 29 th, 2020, we did this unique Micro Wedding of 20 family members with Michelle & Michael. I hope you enjoy there sneak peek as much as I did, and I want to thank my beautiful husband for second shooting this happy day.